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Kuchnia Brazylijska
7 Marzec 2019
Comfort Food Studio

Kuchnia Portugalska
12 Marzec 2019

Comfort Food Studio


Gorąca Kuchnia Brazylijska
17 Marzec 2019
Kulinarne Kreacje

The Scandinavian Kitchen - Kulinarne Kreacje, Cracow, Poland - 20/10/2018

Come and join us for the workshop dedicated to the Scandinavian Kitchen at @kulinarnekreacje in Cracow. Scandinavian food is simple and delicious. Natives call it “husmanskost” (farmer’s fare). The food is natural and honest, clean and fresh like the Scandinavian raw nature. When you work with the very best products, there is no need to over complicate it. During the workshop you will discover new flavors and textures from gravlax - dill- cured salmon to sticky kladdkaka - chocolate cake. More information you can find on www.kulinarnekreacje.com.pl

I also offer one-on-one private cooking workshops – or for a group of friends and for corporate events. Please contact me for rates and availability.

The workshops are built around a simple two- or three course lunch or dinner.